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Sayre's Lundy-McCutcheon signs with Mansfield.

By: Brian Fees | Towanda Daily Review | May 21, 2016


Sayre's Gavin Lundy-McCutcheon watched as Sayre grad Kyle Post emerged as one of the best players for the Mansfield University sprint football team the past couple of years.

On Friday the senior decided to join Post at Mansfield, signing to play football for the Mounties.

"He (Post) said 'let's just work out this summer' and I said 'let's go for it,'" Lundy-McCutcheon said. "He convinced me to come play and I went and looked at the campus and he was there and I thought 'man it's just a great experience to be able to be around my buddies.'"

Seeing Post have success last year and earn all-conference honors made Lundy-McCutcheon feel like he could succeed at Mansfield.

"It just gave me an incentive, something to look forward to," he said. "It gave me something to look forward to that I can get accolades and be an accomplished player, even in college."

After playing quarterback for the Redskins, Lundy-McCutcheon is hoping to fill the same role at Mansfield.

"Quarterback right now, it's what I played the last two years and that's what they are kind of looking at me for," Lundy-McCutcheon said.

He knows there will be competition, but the Sayre senior is ready to try and earn a spot.

"They have two kids that are returners from last year, and another kid coming in, so it's going to be tough, but I think I can do it," Lundy-McCutcheon said. "He (Post) said it's a young team and anyone that comes in has a spot. No matter where you are on the field, everyone gets playing time. So, I'm looking to secure my spot."

Lundy-McCutcheon is ready to see how he does at the next level.

"I am pretty excited, I'm ready to play football again," Lundy-McCutcheon said.

He is excited to see what kind of team Mansfield can have.

"I liked it, it has a lot of potential to be a great team," Lundy-McCutcheon said. "There are a lot of good kids coming in."

Lundy-McCutcheon is planning to go to school for nursing.

"I am a decent student, the adjustment from high school to college is going to be tough," he said. "But, I think playing football and meeting new people is going to help."

One of the challenges with nursing is that the last two years are spent away from the college, causing many athletes to only play two years in college.

"I want to try and play for four years, but two years is probably what I'm going to be able to do," Lundy-McCutcheon said.

One of the things Lundy-McCutcheon likes about Mansfield is that the final two years are back in Sayre at Guthrie.

"I want to be able to be back home and make the adjustment back and maybe have a job at the same time," he said.


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