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Sayre's Belles NTL Small School Player of Year and Co-Offensive Player of Year.

By: Tim Birney | Valley Sports Report | December 7, 2016 | Photo courtesy Tim Birney


Sayre's Belles NTL Small School Player of Year and Co-Offensive Player of YearSAYRE — Sayre senior Tylor Belles was named NTL Small School "Player of the Year" and "Co-Offensive Player of the Year" and his classmate Brandon Paris was named "Lineman of the Year" in recent voting by the division’s coaches.

Belles was also named first-team punter and second-team defensive end, while Paris and senior Matt Eberlin were named first-team all-stars on both offense and defense

Senior Matt Ingrassia was a first-team selection on offense and received a second-team nod on defense, while senior Phil Hall was a first-team selection of offense, and sophomore Nate Garrity and senior Josh Tappan were first-team picks on defense.

Seniors Chris Ray and Zach Hatch and sophomores Brandon Northrop and James Esposito were second-team picks on offense, while Ray and Goodrich were second-team honorees on defense.

Muncy sophomore QB Coleman Good was the "Co-Offensive Player of the Year" and Muncy senior Malik Wertman was named the "Defensive Player of the Year."

First Team
Coleman Good, sophomore, Muncy
FB: Matthew Ingrassia, senior, Sayre
RB: Tylor Belles, senior, Sayre
RB: Matt Barber, sophomore, CV
WR: Jeff Fry, senior, Muncy
WR: John Binder, junior, CMVT
TE: Matt Eberlin, senior, Sayre
TE: Peyton Hullo, senior, Muncy
C: Hunter Poust, junior, Muncy
G: Brandon Paris, senior, Sayre
G: Isaac Mottern, senior, Muncy
T: Malik Wertman, senior, Muncy
T: Phil Hall, senior, Sayre
“Versatility”: Jeff Fry, senior, Muncy
K: Chris Titman, senior, Muncy

Second Team
Brayden Strouse, sophomore, Montgomery
FB: Eithan Marino, junior, Montgomery
RB: Hunter Budman, sophomore, Montgomery
WR: Keith Haberhsam, senior, Montgomery
WR: Adam Dietrich, senior, Muncy
TE: Coty Steele, sophomore, Montgomery
C: Brandon Northrup, sophomore, Sayre
G: Jace Bieser, senior, CV
G: Nick Vasco, senior, CV
T: Ben Brusker, senior, CV
T: Zach Hatch, senior, Sayre
“Versatility”: Chris Ray, senior, Sayre
K: James Esposito, sophomore, Sayre

First Team

DT: Nick Vasco, senior, CV
DT: Brandon Paris, senior, Sayre
DT: Matt Eberlin, senior, Sayre
DT: Taylor Rupert, senior, Muncy
DE: Hunter Poust, junior, Muncy
DE: Nate Garrity, sophomore, Sayre
ILB: Malik Wertman, senior, Muncy
Josh Tappan, senior, Sayre
OLB: Mike Kastenbauter, sophomore, Muncy
OLB: Keith Habersham, senior, Montgomery
S: Coleman Good, sophomore, Muncy
CB: Taylor Kennedy, senior, Montgomery
CB: Jeff Fry, senior, Muncy
P: Tylor Belles, senior, Sayre
P: Eithan Marino, junior, Montgomery

Second Team
DT: Travis Bennett, senior, Montgomery
DT: Hughy Woodring, sophomore, Muncy
DE: Tylor Belles, senior, Sayre
DE: Daniel Beckley, sophomore, Montgomery
ILB: Rhyle Sraausbaugh, sophomore, Montgomery
ILB: Jace Beiser, senior, CV
OLB: Matt Ingrassia, senior, Sayre
OLB: Gage Yohn, sophomore, Montgomery
S: Chris Ray, senior, Sayre
S: Colby Alpaugh, junior, Muncy
CB: Jake Goodrich, senior, Sayre
CB: Adam Dietrich, senior, Muncy


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