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Bragalone, Burleigh head NTL coaches football all-star picks.

By: The Review | Towanda Daily Review | November 25, 2014 | Photo courtesy The Review


Bragalone, Burleigh head NTL coaches football all-star picksThe NTL coaches picked their football all-stars on Monday night.

In large school North Penn's Bo Burleigh was the player of the year, while Towanda's Noah Huff and Michael Pietropola were the co-offensive players of the year.

The defensive player of the year was Kyle Schucker of Troy and Nick Place of Towanda was the lineman of the year.

The coaching staff of the year was North Penn.

Burleigh was the first team QB and Nick Stephani of Troy was the first-team fullback.

Luke Jennings of Wyalusing and Bryce Zaparzynski of North Penn-Mansfield were the first-team tailbacks.

The first-team versatility player was Huff.

The first-team receivers were Nick Marple of Wellsboro and Levi Christman of North Penn.

The first-team tight ends are Luke Kelly of North Penn and Tyler Vanderpool of Towanda.

Dylan Brennan of Troy is the first-team center and the guards are Schucker and Dalton Chilson of Wyalusing.

The tackles are Place and Dustin Voda of Wyalusing.

The kicker is Tyler Basse of Towanda.

The second-team quarterback is Pietropola and Dylan Otis of Wyalusing is the second-team fullback.

Ben Sherman of Troy and Levi Mack of Wellsboro were the second-team running backs and the second-team versatility are Brandon Mattocks of Troy and Tyler Forbes of Athens.

Second-team receivers are Kieron Smethers of Wellsboro and Kalen Keathley of Athens and Bill Bennett of Athens is the second team tight end.

Eli Compton of North Penn is the second team center and the second-team guards are Dakotah Manning of Towanda and Zack Andrews of North Penn.

Brock Schucker of Troy and Owen Covert of Wellsboro are second-team tackles and Jack Chambers of Wellsboro and Werner Mendoza of Wyalusing are second-team kickers.

The honorable mention QB is Justin Haley of Wyalusing and Dylan Bates of Towanda is honorable mention at fullback, while Diante Jones of Troy and Steven Yates of Towanda are honorable mention running backs.

Dayton Wood of North Penn is an honorable mention receiver.

Mitchell Peters of Towanda, Collin Pietropola of Wellsboro and Gabe Sporn of Athens are honorable mention centers and Dawson Otis of Wyalusing and Takota Kelly of Troy are honorable mention guards.

Avery Chandler of Athens is an honorable mention tackle.

Stephani is an honorable mention kicker.

On defense the first team tackles are Voda, Michael Brostrom of Wellsboro, Kelley and Place. The first-team ends are Vanderpool and Smethers and Manning is the first team inside linebacker along with Kyle Schucker.

The outside linebackers are Corwin and Stephani and Forbes is the strong safety, while Pietropola is the free safety.

Zaparzynski and Marple are the corners and Vanderpool is the punter.

The second-team tackles are Ben Davis of Wellsboro and Andrews and the ends are Sherman and Trey Gibson of North Penn.

The inside linebackers are Brad Pequignot of North Penn and Dylan Otis and Zane Vargason of Athens and Nick Tremper of Wellsboro are the second-team outside linebackers.

The second-team strong safety is Dayton Wickwire of Towanda and the free safety is Mattocks, while Kyle Jackson of Troy and Zack Sheppeck of Athens are the corners and Cody Cain of Athens is the punter.

Honorable mention ends are Compton and Josh Shoemaker of Wyalusing and at inside linebacker Sporn and Nick Levindoski of Wellsboro.

Bates and Mack are honorable mention outside linebackers and Ryan Kipp of Wyalusing, Anthony Cooper of Wellsboro and Joel Whitteker of North Penn are honorable mention strong safeties, while Wood and Yates are honorable mention free safeties.

Christman and Noah Wheeler are honorable mention corners and Smethers is an honorable mention punter.

For small school South Williamsport, the District 4, Class A champion, dominated the major awards as Dominick Bragalone was the player of the year, Tyler Schoenwolf was the lineman of the year, Matt Boone of South and Dakota Nixon of Muncy shared offensive player of the year honors and Scott Appleman of Muncy and John Peters of South shared defensive player of the year honors. South's coaching staff was the coaching staff of the year.

Noah Barnett of Canton was a first-team pick at versatility.

Canton's John Bowman was a first-team pick on defense at free safety.

Bowman was a second-team quarterback and Joey Brown of CV was an honorable mention quarterback.

Canton's Tyler Cole was a second-team full back and Ethan Meade of CV was the second-team running back.

Mason Moore of Canton was a second-team receiver and Connor Calaman of CV was second-team versatility on offense.

Ben Brubaker of CV was a second-team tight end and Brandon McLean of CV was a second-team center, while Mason Martell of Canton was an honorable mention center.

Zane Fuller of CV was a second-team guard and Joe Fox of Sayre was an honorable mention guard. Sayre's Marshall Felt was a second-team tackle and James Harbst of Sayre was an honorable mention kicker.

On defense Felt was an honorable mention defensive tackle and Austin Moore of CV was also an honorable mention defensive tackle.

Dakota Corwin of CV was a second-team defensive end and Trevor Route of Canton was an honorable mention defensive end.

Cole was a second-team linebacker and Michael Ward of Sayre was an honorable mention pick.

Meade was a second-team outside linebacker and Moore was an honorable mention strong safety.

Calaman was a second-team corner back and also a second-team punter.